Stuck on Focusing, will cut only one item

I really need help, hopefully that will not take one step per day. I have had my machine about a week and a half. And have been in contact with support via email but have not gotten a response back in a while.

My machine is stuck on focusing. I have read the documents, cleaned all the lenses, removed the printer head, unclicked and relocked the white cable, reseated the crumb tray, reset the router, tried alternate wifi connections and power cycled both the computer and the forge multiple times.

If I leave the machine off for an extended amount of time, like over night and through the work day, it will allow me to make one print then sticks on focusing again and the printer head will not move.

I have searched forums and documents and cannot seem to find a solution.

If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it, I am starting to doubt myself about the decision to invest in my machine.

Posting here opens a duplicate ticket. If you ever want community support without opening a 2nd ticket you can post in Everything Else. Once support realizes this is a duplicate they will close the thread and continue to respond via email.

So you know, they don’t tend to respond if they don’t have new information. From the sounds of it you have already tried the majority of the easy checks. They are likely having an engineer go through your logs to try and figure out why your machine isn’t working as expected. That’s not a fast process.

The main issue may be that the :glowforge: does not require fast internet, but it does require solid internet. If yours tends to flicker on and off (which you wouldn’t even notice streaming movies or listening to music) it will cause the :glowforge: to fail every time. You can try and contact your ISP to see if they can get you a reading of your reliability, and see if they have any suggestions for making it stronger.

Some folks have found that adding a dedicated channel helped, others have added repeaters…

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Thank you! They contacted me and are doing an exchange on the machine.

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Hello @mrsdellorso - I’m going to go ahead and close this topic since we’ve got the ball rolling via email. Thanks!