Stuck on Green Light Button During Reset

I followed the instructions on how to reset. I got the flashing teal light, then the flashing blue light, which turned solid green. It has been green for nearly an hour now.
I read in another post to go ahead and turn it off and back on, which I did. The light is still green.
What should I do?


Somehow you ended up in Setup mode. Usually pressing the button for 10 or more seconds will do that. You will likely see that your GF is no longer online. Just follow the normal wifi Setup that you did when first receiving the unit.

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It’s stuck on green. I thought it needed to be teal to search for wifi. I have my browser open to the wifi search page like the setup instructions say, but nothing is happening.

I’ve always had to manually click the " :arrows_clockwise: Refresh" button under the empty list of wifi networks to get it to populate and finish the setup.

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Hi! Welcome to the community.
Here is a helpful video rpegg did to help explain the process.


Thanks!!! I was waiting for the light to turn a different color. But it was the correct color the whole time. It’s working now. Thanks all for your help!


You’re welcome, but thanks really go to rpegg. That video he did has helped a lot of people including me.
Be sure and share what you make with us! :sunglasses:


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