Stuck on Homing Broken Parts

I was attempting to make a cut and it did not cut all the way through the medium walnut wood. I thought maybe I need to clean the laser so I removed it from it’s base only to find a broken piece. I watched videos and found that my piece is plastic as the others are metal. My glowforge is now stuck on homing or scanning and out of service. Please Help

Yeah, they’re going to need to get you set up with a replacement carriage plate. (Fortunately that is user-replaceable, so just wait to hear from them. They will arrange to get one for you when they see the post here.)

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I’ve only had the forge for a few months. A bit annoyed that a part needs to be replaced already. So many typos in my intial post.

:woman_shrugging: Don’t know what to tell you…my plate wheels are plastic and I’ve had the machine over two years. Never an issue. But there have been a time or two when folks got a cracked wheel. It’s pretty rare, but it’s happened before.

(They might be using metal wheels now on the carriage plates, but i wouldn’t know since mine are still intact. Maybe you’ll get metal ones on the replacement plate.)

You probably don’t want to try to run the machine with a cracked wheel though, I’d just turn it off and wait to hear from them.


I think all are plastic instead of maybe a few early units? I would want the wheel to be plastic so it wears or breaks before the carriage breaks which would be way more difficult and expensive to repair. Its a bummer that you got a messed up wheel but support will get you sorted out as soon as they can and it is a pretty easy fix.


How long does it to take support yo reply? I haven’t received anything from them. This is so frustrating.

My guess is as long as it takes them to respond. When you contact via email you will get an automated response within a day and then a couple of days to get a hold of someone to sort out your issue. Be sure to check your junk mail folder and don’t send multiple emails as that will slow down response time as they need to combine the duplicate support tickets.

Wow, for a machine of that cost. That’s not good service.

I find it pretty good and have had no bad experiences.

what does one do when you have orders and you are at a standstill, support hasn’t contacted me as of now. I am wondering if their are rentals I can use for the time being

Check to see if you have a Joann’s nearby and if they have a GF you can use. GF has a partnership with Joann’s and some stores have a GF and also stock PG materials.

Thank you

I sincerely apologize for the delay in response. I see that you’ve reached out to us directly via email, and we have sent over the next best steps to get you back up and printing as soon as possible. I’ll now close this thread.

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