STUCK on Lid Open!

I have been stuck on “lid open” for 3 days now. I have orders to complete, please help!!

I have already:
-cleaned and checked for debris preventing the lid from closing or the front panel from closing.
-made sure the machine is level
-checked all cable connections
-replaced black cable

Please someone say they have another idea as to what the problem is!

I only have 2 ideas: does the lid lay flat at both front corners? If not, you need to shim a corner so the lid is perfectly flat.
Make sure the magnets are clean on the drop down front section and on the underside of the lid. If it’s dirty, you can get that message.
Hope this works for you.


What @swmisher said sums up essentially what I was going to suggest.

If you can share a pic of what it looks like from the front, that might help determine or rule out something. Not guaranteed, but possibly.

Have you also tried emailing/ calling support? They aren’t connected to the forums boards anymore so they won’t see your post here.

Had the Same issue with 2 units already. U have done all the troubleshooting great no still no change ! Have u cleared ur cache on internent browser ? Have u removed crumb tray and close the door ? Have u replaced black lid cable. If yes to all the email support u need a replacement unit

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