Stuck on rendering

Like others on this thread (Continuous Error - We're sorry, an unexpected error has occurred - #6 by csader) I was having the issue with getting a continuous error over and over. That seems to have gone away, but now when I try to load something simple like the Founder’s Ruler, it hangs on Rendering your design:

If I try refreshing the page, sometimes it loads the design, but notice how the material selector is missing, and if I try to search for a material, I get no results:

And now I’m having the recurring “We’re sorry” error again.

Well, this problem is seconded, and such was not the case mere hours ago. I’m hoping that means it’s a systemic error, and thus likely to be addressed quickly.

Seems to be cleared up for me.

Yep. Mine’s good now too.

I’m sorry for the trouble! If it happens again, please don’t hesitate to reach out!