Stuck on Scanning on Plus

When I start up this machine, the head inches forward 3 times then stops and never swings to the center.

I’ve done the following:

  1. cleaned all the lenses
  2. powered off and back on
  3. unplugged and waited and repowered up
  4. checked all the clips on the lid cable to make sure they are closed.
  5. wifi isn’t an issue as I have another machine running fine right next to it.
  6. checked to make sure the arm and head can move freely.
  7. refreshed the browser, closed and reopened it as well.

Help please.

Is their either a light shining on the crumbtray or a non-solid piece of material in the crumbtray? That inching is it trying to figure out exactly where it is, and either of those things can confuse it.

there’s no light… but i am attempting to cut from a scrap piece of wood.

Remove it when you turn on the machine and see if that makes a difference. Place it in after the machine has completed power-on calibration steps.

That’s the one thing that mine has tripped up on in three years of use.


Woohoo!! Thanks. That fixed it. Never had that be an issue before.


Hi @btompor - glad to hear you’re all taken care of!

Thanks for jumping in to help @eflyguy.

I’m going to close this topic since we’re all sorted here. Feel free to open a new topic or email us at if you have any further troubles.