Stuck on scanning [Resolved]

i’ve been getting stuck with scanning in the corner next to print. shows up on every iteration i open and no amount of turning machine off and on or logging out and back in gets rid of it


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Is there a lot of light shinning on the lid and is the camera clean? Also is there light reflection of the qr code?

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Is the 'Cancel" button greyed out?

At this stage, you’ll be uploading the design in the current iteration to the motion planning servers. It should send a motion command back on where to scan and then process from there. With this is mind, it sounds like a connectivity issue somewhere.

Have you tried power cycling your router/modem?

Anything potentially interfering with or stressing your internet connection?

Oops. Wrong scanning stage, I suppose.

no and no, not clean, thanks for reminding me, but didn’t fix it. the comment about the qr code made me realize my stupid mistake. there was a qr code i had engraved on the piece of scrap. it was supposed to be a keychain qr code, but didn’t cut all the way through, so it stayed and the gf was confusing this for a proofgrade qr. snapped it off and rebooted and it stopped getting stuck on scan.


Very strange because it is measuring the thickness of material using a red laser and the head camera when it says scanning. The barcode is read at the beginning with the lid camera to select the material.

Perhaps if it does the measurement on an engraving it can’t locate the spot properly. It shouldn’t lock up though.

There are two notifications of scanning in the User Interface: 1) When you close the lid and the camera is scanning for a QR code and 2) When you press print and it does a material thickness scan.


Whoops! Chuckle! That’s a new one but a goodie. Glad you figured it out! :smile:

I see. It would be less confusing if it said something like “reading barcode” and “measuring material” thickness. Scanning doesn’t really apply to either operation as it implies a left right movement like laser barcode scanners do. When done with a camera it isn’t really the correct term. And taking a single depth measurement with a laser and a camera while the head is stationary is not really scanning either.

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