Stuck on scanning upon startup still

so my unit is still getting stuck on the scanning element when i first tuen on the machine.
im hoping there is something that can be done here as the internation support from the admins via the ticketing system hasnt yielded any results so far and i simply cant afford to send this back.
Wish id seen the fine print in the warranty that states im basically going to be 2000 aud out of pocket in order to send my unit back and have a new one shipped ot me. pretty poor waranty if you ask me since i could pay for half a new glowforge for that much.

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Good luck on your case… I had the same problem and I had to send mine. And a replace machine is coming on Tuesday! I’m in the UK… Apparently there is a warehouse or something in Dublin which makes things easier here! Good luck with yours, once they’ve fixed remotely mine… but in this case they could not! :frowning:

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Did you see the response in your other thread that they are issuing a recall? You should be getting an email about the return process. That really is a burden with international orders. Sorry for that mess.

Are you saying that you would like a second opinion about this?

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oh no actually i didnt see that and i cant seem to find that responce, where was it again?

If my understanding of recalls is correct it could mean id get another one for free…that being said though im international so what do you think the chances are of them breaking the rules they have set for me even if it is a recall and not just another warranty replacement. I simply cant afford the shipping return and this machine is only 3 months old with minimal use, id say max 1-2 hours running time a day if that, that kind of quality struggles to support any kind of willingness on my behalf to fork out $2000 in shipping fees to get this issue wrapped up.

also i guess so, just looking to see if anyone ahs had any luck getting past this issue, its like the camera isnt even working and i know thats basically the most important part of the initial startup sequence.

Yes. You will get a warranty replacement.


oh i saw that, the problem is im in australia, and the problem i have with this “warranty replacement” is that they refuse to pay for the shipping of my current broken model back to them and the sending of a new one to me. they fully cover all shipping fees for customers inside the usa but refuse to cover shipping costs for any international customers.
They also said that international delivery isnt avaliable at this time, yet it is an option when buying one to get it shipped to australia in the shipping details section so this seems to be false and misleading information.
This whole process will cost me close to $2000 australian dollars and is simply not ok with me.

I didn’t realize they were shipping to Australia yet - when did you get it?

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i got mine 3 months ago in september.

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Huh. Guess they’re shipping to Australia now.

Have you actually exchanged emails with anyone from Support yet about the issue? I’m not talking about the speculation and panic that you see on the forum, I’m talking about hearing from them directly? That notice from Pip was fairly recent (yesterday) and they haven’t even had a chance to work out any logistics yet. Since you’re in Australia, I imagine that it’s going to take a while.

You’re going to drive yourself insane if you fret about it until you hear from them, because they will probably not contact you about it until they have worked out the details. It could be a few days, it could be a few weeks. Don’t have a meltdown before you even hear what they are planning to do.

You might wind up being pleasantly surprised. (I don’t work for Glowforge, so I don’t know for sure what the policy is going to be. But other international warranty returns have progressed without incident or fear.) :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes ive actually had three lots of back and for correspondence with them and they basically said they will not be paying for the shipping. I don’t generally like to rock the boat but I’m not a rich man and I really on this machine for my livelihood now that I have a small home business.

Is that since yesterday? Or was that earlier?

Since yesterday, they replied surprisingly fast

Well, that surprises me. I do know that it states that in the Terms of Service, but I figured they would do return shipping for warranty returns.

I’m sorry. I tried to perk you up when you had already been in touch with them directly.

No i appreciate the moral boost, sadly I wasn’t aware of the we won’t cover shipping if our product breaks part. Seems like a bit of a cop out that I have to spend money they I would otherwise not have to spend if their product hadn’t failed


To get the basic I have into the country and in my hands it cost me close to $5000 aud too.

I can’t believe it costs that much to ship to Australia. (And I think if I lived in Australia, I’d seriously consider a Chinese laser as an alternative. Unless those cost the same to ship? That’s too rich for my blood.)

Hi. Just wondering if you had the GF shipped to you directly to Australia, or whether it was a personal import? I understood shipping to Australia is (currently) not planned until at least April 2019.

With regards Australian Warranty, I think this clause is important:

Unless otherwise required by law, any implied warranties are limited to the foregoing warranty periods. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other legal rights which vary from state to state (in the United States) or country to country. If any law in your jurisdiction modifies this warranty, however, then Glowforge does not offer a warranty in your jurisdiction and nothing in this Limited Warranty affects your legal rights.

Not sure of the minimum Australian Warranty details and return shipping requirements…

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The shipping costs vary, with shipping and import duty costs it totalled over $1000 aud in fees after i had initially paid for my unit, there is other chinese options avaliable but for a model with the size and capabilities level of a glowforge it was going to cost way more.
As far as the ordering process made me aware it was stated australia was a viable shipping option in the drop down menu, in my case the shipping to australia was going to take 4 months ordering directly from glow forge so was forced to go through a forwarding service in order to receive my machine in a reasonable amount fo time.
Even though the forwarding service was used however the machine arrived and was in perfect working order for 3 months so i dont see why using a forwarding service would have any effect on my warranty.

Ahhhh, that explains it. They can only warranty it if they do the shipping through their approved carriers. (I’m so sorry, that doesn’t help you any at the moment. Your situation definitely sucks.)

Well, it might still be financially to your benefit if you can get the return unit sooner than you would otherwise get it by waiting until they start shipping to Australia. Even at the additional cost, you might be able to make up the loss if you can get your product put out quicker. (It’s something to sit down and calculate the benefits and costs for, to make a logical decision.)

Hope it works out that you decide you can keep it.