Stuck on the Lid Open

I have not been able to use the GF for more than 4 days.

I have reviewed all the advice offered through the community:

· I have cleaned the whole machine

· I have watched the 5 contact points of the lid

· I have checked the conetions

· I have checked the cleanliness of the door

· I have restarted the program with different servers … and nothing. The machine is still stuck on the Lid Open. (with the last image at the monitor)

It does not restart, the cars do not move, but the cover light works. What I can do? T

The machine is under guarantee , so I request a claim for the guarantee because it involves significant losses in my business

possibly the lid cable? Did you check that?

Yes, and it’s perfect. Do you mean the black one ? Don`t you?

yes. that manifests a bunch of different problems.
Open and check the contacts for the front door - make sure no debris in that area, or around the front edge of the lid. That’s all I can guess at - support will need to pull the logs, and i’m sure they’re taking the labor day holiday today…

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Thank you very much Bigjohn, I’ve do it all that you sais me but nothing changes… desesperation!!!

First thing to do is check for WiFi issues.

  1. Turn off the Glowforge machine.
  2. Turn off the computer.
  3. Turn off the router.
  4. Wait 1 minute.
  5. Turn on the router and let it fully restart.
  6. Turn on the computer and let it fully restart.
  7. Turn on the Glowforge and let it completely finish the startup calibration routine.
  8. Log into and check the status.

If it is still showing an error message, it might be the lid cable, and for that you need to wait to hear from support.

It’s possible for the wires to break inside one of the black lid cables from normal wear and tear, and you won’t see it from the outside. They can see it from looking at the data for your machine, but it’s a holiday weekend here, they might not be in today.

If it is a bad lid cable, they can send you a replacement with easy instructions for how to repair it.
(They will contact you by email as soon as they see your post, and have reviewed the data for your machine.)

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Thank you very much for your mail.
I have followed the instructions but nothing has changed.

The machine still didn’t react. I look forward to the support help in order to make the necessary changes.

Thanks so much!!

I’m having the same issue on a Pro. Started about 45 minutes ago - I’ve gone through the same steps as you with no luck. :frowning:

You need to start your own thread in order for support to open a ticket and respond to you. Good luck.

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I see you already emailed us about this and I’ve just reached out to you there, so I’m going to close this topic.

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