Stuck Preparing File on Calculating Precision Movement

I have cut down the same file several times, but all of a sudden I am completely stuck on “calculating precision movement.” I have let it sit for hours, and it never prepares the print.

Things I have tried that I read in previous forums:
– Restarting my Glowforge
– Restarting my computer
– Restarting my internet modem
– Connecting to a different internet
– Using different browsers
– Uploading a new/more simple file
– Cleaning my lens
– Cleaning my mirror
– Cleaning out my bed/adjusting material

Help! I have a project due to a client tomorrow and have a couple hours worth of cutting/engraving to do!

Thank you!

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Have you been able to open other files? Have you tried dragging and dropping the problematic file rather than uploading it? If you are able to open other files, then the problem is obviously with the file. Perhaps you would consider sharing the file here to see if someone else can open it or help you find the processing error.

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I have tried other files, yes! It was a big file, but I cut down the number of items/objects in 1/3 and it still gave the same number of issues. Also, I was able to use this file several times without any issues.

File here: Dropbox - stirsticks2.svg - Simplify your life

That file is too complex. Each stir stick has 4120 nodes. The limit I have found is around 40,000 total.

That said, it went thru the “preparing precision movements” in less than a minute for me, and was then ready to print. Once the file is in the cloud, your local machine has nothing to do with it. If you get to that step, there’s nothing wrong on your end.

I suggest rasterizing the ornamental design.

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Thank you! In my field, vector is always better than raster. But for Glowforge, rasterizing can be beneficial?

Not really, I prefer vector, but in this case your ornamental design is simply too complex, and vector is unnecessary for something so small. I generally only use raster/bitmap for variable depth engraving, think coins and such.

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This file loaded for me when I dragged and dropped it.

They weren’t having any trouble loading the file.

Sorry. I read “calculating movement” as the same as loading/preparing. Either way, the file worked for me.

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