Stuck Rendering/uploading files before print

I’ve been stuck on this page over and over again for the past 24 hours with 5+ different SVG files trying to upload anything so I can print… any … of my christmas projects.

Things i’ve tried:

Restarting everything
Logging out and back in everything
Making sure i’m not logged in in two servers
Tried logging in on chrome instead of safari
exporting files from AI or inkscape

When I log out and back in the files show up on my home page, but I get stuck again in the same spot when I click open.

Here’s a zipped file of one of the things I’ve tried to upload
line (65.3 KB)

I’m no expert, but it seems your design is highly technical. The glowforge has trouble rendering files with a lot of line work, and as you’ve created a stroke image for the inside of the coin and duplicated it, the software is having trouble translating that. I was able to upload 6 of the coins pretty quickly, so perhaps an option is splitting your file and just doing more prints separately. Sometimes what I’ve done to force the UI to upload a design I’ll just copy ctrl+c and paste ctrl+v within the interface until I have the amount that I want to print. This doesn’t always work if there’s still too many and may cause you to get hung up on the uploading screen after hitting print, but it gives you a good baseline as to how many of your design you can have in at a time.

Another option would be, and I don’t know if you have it, but if you left the inside of the coin as an image rather than as an outline, that may help it better. It’ll make it so that the machine reads it as an engrave rather than a cut or stroke. So sorry to hear you’re having trouble, but I hope my suggestions help, if not, perhaps someone else may be able to offer some more advice!


yeah… I can try that… it just seems like where I was able to upload living hinges before with lots of technical lines like this it had no problem… I have tried uploading less technical files as well and ran into the same problem. I just didn’t want to upload them here because I took them from thingiverse. (20.2 KB)

That one, for example, I have had the same reoccurring problem

Unfortunately, that problem is going to happen a lot with the freebies shared on Thingiverse.

Reason is the number of nodes in the file. Many of the files created on Thingiverse are done in CAD programs, and they can use extremely short joined straight segments to represent curves, instead of smooth Bezier type curves that minimize nodes.

That really bumps up the node count tremendously for any curved lines and circles in a design… and that design has a ton of small circles in it for the holes in the Spirograph plates …it’s going to take a long time to render.

You have the choice of either waiting to see if it renders, just doing a couple of wheels at a time, or going into the file and changing all of those little circles into actual circles instead of segmented circle shapes. Either of those actions would reduce the rendering time. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oops! Forgot the screen shot up close:


Is this a situation where Simplify would work? Or would it change the design too much to make it unusable for its intended purpose?

If you used it only on the circles - it would deform the heck out of them, but they should still be useful for sticking a pencil into, so yeah, you could use that too. (Wouldn’t want to use it on the gears, but those don’t have excessive nodes anyway…those circles are the killer.)

Yep, could work. Excellent idea. :slightly_smiling_face:


i see! thank you! those circles are crazy! and will be so easy to re-do. I’ll probably just suck it up with the coins and do them just a few at a time :crazy_face:


Thanks @jules, for your help! I’m sorry it took us so long to reply. @cassielmcmahon, were you able to get this design printed?

yes. thanks for your reply as well! Glad to have all the support