Stuff out must be >= stuff in

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@Drea has been so amazingly generous on Levitada - huge thanks!

So, I will shamelessly use her generosity as an opportunity to plug - it’s a great place to get free art supplies and give them away. (The site is always free to use and I will never sell your contact info.)

I’m trying (though not always successful) to live by the rule that the volume of stuff that enters my home should be matched by the volume of stuff that leaves it. With the GF on the way, and my gluttony for proofgrade materials, I’m finding Levitada a great place to give away craft items that I’m not using - yarn that had been sitting on my shelf for 10 years has found a new home in Utah!

I recently posted many items on Levitada (scraps of fabric and the like) and then posted “get free craft items here” to , where my local hometown / my HOA has a site for just folks who live nearby. That was hugely successful. I got rid of many things, made a lot of space, and I was able to hand-deliver the items locally.

So, if you’re hoping to do some ‘spring cleaning’ of unused art supplies, please consider listing them on Levitada :slight_smile: [which also now has a FB pg… k, enough shameless plugging]


I think Levitada is a wonderful thing. Next time I’m reorganizing my craft room/decluttering unwanted supplies, I’ll keep you in mind.

One question… how is it pronounced?


it’s pronounced “levitada” ! sorry… giggling… :innocent:

“levi” rhymes with chevy (the car) and “tada” emphasis on the first “ta” - and the A’s are pronounced “ah” as in “achoo!” / sneeze


I didn’t use Levitada but I did manage to offload some unneeded stuff today. I invited the art teacher at the local elementary school over to my shop this morning to see if she could make use of any of my “waste”. She took 3 years’ worth of 3" cardboard cores from rolls of vinyl plus a bunch of scraps of heat transfer vinyl and decal vinyl. She even took a bunch of sheets of the carrier HTV comes on.


great idea - nice to know that all that stuff will be put to good use :+1:


O the memories of 3 inch cores, I used to work at a paper factory all of our rolls of paper above 30ln ft would be wound on those.