[stumped] How can I print this? It should be fitting the usable bed

Attached is files showing my bed view. There’s a standard 10.5" x 19" box in the view, over a 12x20 Proofgrade board. The file attached is for a design that is 15.25" x 10.5".

Any ideas? Thanks.

Very simple…open the lid and shift the right front corner of the material until it is in the right front corner of the gridded area of the tray. That’s the place to put the material for complete coverage of the cuttable area. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, I feel stupid. That appears improved, although it’s cutting it close. (no pun)

I mainly make small stuff, so don’t have to deal with this problem. Is it normal for the camera to capture the metal door at the bottom?

Yeah, it does usually pick up a slight rim there. That looks like good placement though…you can go up as far as the frame will allow with the design…there is additional material above the visible screen that you can’t see on screen.


Yeah, I’ve got it zapping it to death now (~10minutes) and pretty much had to pull it slightly past the bottom of the bed for it all to fit on the material.

I also always like to pan (the hand icon) and get to 0,0.
But also just because a full board can fit on the tray, doesn’t mean you can always use it all–pending the type of artwork, the margin will vary (the greyed out region), and you’ll get an error message when your artwork is in this area.


It mostly depends upon the material height; you can see the view of the bed change as you change the material height.


All done, thanks all!