Stupid but works for ALERT COOLING


While the Northern Hemisphere is freezing, we here Paraguay is hot like an oven, more than 35 degree. My cats spend 80% time sleeping, and my GF spends 80% time on ALERT COOLING. Even the fan blows + air conditioner, doesn’t make better.
So I used the carton to make a small room with dedicated air condition for the GF (in the tube there’re 4 computer fans to suck the cool air), thanks God it’s finally happy to start work.
Well, I think the commercial should remind the customers, “Latinos, no la compre a menos que tenga un aire super fuerte!”.

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There is going to be a lot of Adapt and Overcome while working with a home laser.
You got off to a huge start with this concept.

Looks a bit rough, but victory does not have to pretty, right ?


Nice. Perfect choice for the box, “refrigerator”.


Great solution, being the Virgin Islands I was thinking along the same lines. To create a case/cage and venting A/C output to the case. Seems you beat me to it :slight_smile: I would re purpose a closet but I don’t have any.

The joke is I don’t use Air conditioning, so I have to install one.


I have long held that it is not stupid if it works.


Yeah, may not be beautiful, but if it solves a problem then it’s not stupid.


Ive had to do something similar on rare occasion, but not to this extent lol… well done! Just a quick tip, the air intake is under the glowforge right where your entry is pointed, so if you aim it towards the bottom it will cool even faster


Next step insulating the whole thing :slight_smile:


Very resourceful :sunglasses:
Nothing stupid about a functional solution. As @takitus said
the machine senses the coolant temperature, and the heat exchanger is immediately inside on the bottom at the intake. With your cool air ducted exclusively to the intake you may not need the enclosure unless it is shielding the unit from direct sunlight.


Very cool! I’m going to move this to Beyond the Manual since it’s definitely not what the manual instructs. :slight_smile:


Upgraded version…


The air intake is on the other side. :no_mouth:


Thanks for the remind. But too much work from the right side.
It’s ok the air can pass through the bottom, I blocked the other side to prevent losing cold air.


BTW: was kidding with you.


Nice, finally another south american Glowforger!! I was so lonely down here :sweat_smile:


this is incredible.