Stupid simple hex bit storage tray

You can buy these for a few bucks, but why buy when you can use your $6000 laser to make one yourself?

You would not want to fully load this, or you’ll never get the bits out. It just looks better if you print them this way. Make it as big or small as you need - I included a single but you can just edit the file as you see fit. I assembled my most used bits for this particular bench and this size worked nicely. It’s Amazon box, 5/32 Maple ply, and 5mm craft foam, laminated with Elmers clear craft glue.

File here → hex bit storage tray


A good variation to make that file cabinet. I should make one so I can get all my many scattered about into a single box to lose in a more all or none effect.


Nice bits!
Hmm this is cool. I would need to organize after a project then. Let me ponder… chaos theory rules here.

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Hey, thanks!

Great use for that paperweight you have sitting around :joy_cat:

So there is this neat trick that I found out the other day. If you load your SVG file and publish, then go back in to edit, you can change the numbers in the SVG file display code part, from something like 12x20 to 120 x 200 or even larger ( I usually do x72/2 for half size). The forum shows it in pixels (?) instead of inches, so if you manually convert the measurement to pixels it will make the file large enough to see at least! (heh, I just realized you probably know this already!)

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I like it. I made some with my cnc and they are great. But I think I’ll redo them on my forge because they will be tighter and fit better.