Stuttering/drifting vertical line engraving

so consistantly running into issues where when im doing engravings that entail a straight vertical line it starts to stutter or drift to the left and im not sure why. i cleaned it thoroughly, checked the belts and tension and ensured it was squared before and after but this is happening alot and im wondering if its something im doing or not doing or if we need to talk to glowforge about a repair already. machines less then a month old or so and barely been used its the glowforge pro.

Did you check all your wheels to be sure none are broken/cracked?

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no but the wierd thing is it doesnt happen all the time. i am at work currently so will have to wait 11 hours before i can check but it seems to happen most commonly when im doing alot of vertical line items. so like 6- 8 squares in a vertical lineup.

Could you state your engraving speed and lpi when this happens. Does it happen with other speeds as well?

so ive tried this at 800-1000 speed full power. 225 lpi. and it has happened at 270 as well i havent done much else.

its really frustrating cause its the longest part of my file and i need it to be atleast close.

Would you care to share the file and settings to see if someone else experiences the same drift?

Is your machine on a very stable table? Has this always been the result or is the behavior new?

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so id rather not share the file. that said it just happens in general when i do long vertical lines it seems sometimes. i would like to think my table it is on is stable but it is on casters but they are locked. i could take and remove the casters i guess and see if that helps. the table itself is very stable construction(solid metal welded piping wood top) this has been an on and off issue since we got the glowforge. so i can try a few of things to stabilize the table and see if that helps.

i take it not many other people have had this issue from the sounds of it. and based on the facti m not seeing many posts about it here or on other forums.

Most commonly that kind of stuttering is a physical issue, either a crack in a wheel on the carriage plate, or loosening grip on the wheels that grip the belt, or debris in the belt itself. Something very small can cause it to skip. I’d suggest taking off the head and get a close up view (video) of the wheels, with a bright light shining on them, see if you see a crack.


@aimin4strz I am so sorry your Glowforge printer is having drifting issues.

It looks like you sent us an email regarding this issue. I’m going to go ahead and close this forum post and follow up with you there.