Sublimation mdf board

im trying to cut through sublimation mdf board on my basic what settings are best…can we even input manual settings on the basic?

Your best bet will be to get familiar with this test method:

You’ll never have to guess again!


I have used ‘Thick Draftboard’ settings on my Pro. But Basic will probably be different - cut a small circle as a test and keep testing until success.

i have a basic im not sure how to get into the settings to change speed and things please help

thanks ill try now

it worked perfectly thank you so much!!!

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Changing settings is absolutely done on basics. Here are 2 good starting points to understanding manual settings and where to change the settings. Once you get the hang of this, using manual settings in a test piece (such as the one @evansd2 linked to) will be your standard way of figuring out the best settings for each non-proofgrade materials.

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