Sublimation on clear acrylic

anyone try doing this? Mine didn’t turn out so well. The transfer was very faint. I set the heat press at 385 for 60 seconds.

Sublimation on acrylic is kind of touchy. I’ve had better luck with white than I have with clear. You can try this:

Preheat your press to 320F.
Place a teflon or high-temp parchment sheet on the press.
Put your piece in the press with the surface to be sublimated “down.”
Place another teflon or parchment sheet on the press.
Heat for 300 seconds. (not a typo - five minutes)
Remove the piece and place it under a weight as it cools, to reduce warping.

Good luck!


Thank you. Do you need laminating sheets for acrylic? I have tried using it on wood and it isn’t working. I feel so stupid.

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Sublimation is a tricky process. Don’t get discouraged, just keep adjusting settings until you get it right. You should be able to sublimate directly to clear or white acrylic, without any type of lamination or coating.

Here’s a snakeskin image I sublimated on white acrylic using the settings I gave earlier.



Very cool. Thank you


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