I do sublimation printing at my job. We can get a coated acrylic that can be sublimated. Does anyone know if the coating or the sublimation ink could possibly damage the machine? I use Sawgrass Sublijet HD inks.I was thinking it could be pretty interesting to do photographs cut out to specific shapes or outlines.

I don’t, but I’m eager to hear what you find out!

I will try to get with my supplier and see if they can give me more information on the coating they use. If I figure anything out, I’ll post it.

Most of the sublimation inks won’t stay in gas form very long, so you might do selective sublimation using the laser to heat the back of a transfer sheet and transfer onto a surface much like an old thermal/sublimation printer. (hmm, where are my old wax transfer rolls?)

One of our customers does sublimation printing and then laser cuts things with no ill effects. It will be fine.
I have been and inspected his laser cutter, it is no cleaner/dirtier than any other of our machines


Great! Thanks for the info.

I can heat press the sublimation. I just was not sure if the vapors of the sublimation ink or sublimation receptive coating would harm the laser.

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