Succesful stainless steel flask engraving / marking!

Aint that the truth?! But its all worth the effort… most of the time! Lol.

My pleasure Curt. I figured it was my time to share since I’ve seen and used my fare share of ideas and suggestions from others here. I hope it helps someone else.

In addition, that was literally my first attempt with Cermark! So I would definatly call it user friendly or easy to use. I myself was super impressed with the results. The price tag is a large pill to swallow but after seeing the outcome, its hard to complain I guess.

Thank you.

For anyone curious about the durability of Cermark, I can attest to it. I’ve been making plaques for my public art sculptures with it, and I’ve done extensive testing to abrade it off… it’s tough as nails. I’ve also found the sweet spot for me on stainless 800 speed, 80% power, 270dpi.


What prep do you do to the metal before you apply the Cermark? Does it need to set? I had some rub off on my first print…

I typically random orbit sand the surface, but I’ve had the same success on polished. You do need to let the cermark dry, but that only takes a minute. You only need one thin even coat as long as it fully covers. Two coats at most. You may not have used enough heat: I’ve had the best luck at 800 speed, 80% power, 270dpi.


I splurged and got the Cermark and when spraying down my first flask the nozzle stuck spraying so it’s not quite a light coat… I will post my results here in a bit. Thank you to everyone above for the information.

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Here are pics of my masked flask after engraving and the finished product.

Finished masked


I ordered pre-coated flasks from Amazon and was able to successfully engrave them. I was running into an alignment issue, then placed a plain white paper behind the flask which allowed me to align it perfectly.


Nice job! :grinning:

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I did a few flasks recently as well oh, and the pre-coated ones work pretty well. Nice work.

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Those are really nice! Would you mind sharing your settings for that particular flask from amazon? Thanks!

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This is the link for the flasks, I order 6 at a time:

The settings are similar to the original post and I’ve adjusted them to put the material as the iphone 7 silver. Although I set the speed to 600 vice 1000, but the rest are the same. I’m getting ready to put another flask in this morning only using cermark that I bought at since the price was $20 less than amazon.


600 speed/100 power and 270 lpi work really well on these flasks! (Just wipe with some isopropyl alcohol when it’s done to get rid of the black residue).

Thanks everyone for the inspiration and info!


i have pushed the speed to 700 at full power on a pro with good results.


I run it at 600/100 with 450 lpi and it comes out nice. I’ve done some that have a gloss finish and they’ve come out nice as well


So last night was my first go at doing a flask

I will be trying again for sure with some of the above settings you all seem to be using to get amazing results. Do you all just use “set focus” to get the height?


set focus? yes

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I figured as much, just wanted to double check. Thank you