Sugar Monster [Catalog Design]

I finally made the Sugar Monster box from the catalog!
I kept getting distracted with other projects, I actually cut the design a while back.

Getting my supplies in order.

I forgot to get some action shots of me painting and assembling. Good news, though. I only glued my fingers together twice! Bad news, I glued my fingers to the part more than that.

Here it is!

The power went out, so here is a candle lit shot. Much creepier.

Two issues I had. I’m not sure who to tag for this, so @Rita, @GlowforgeStaff.
#1 For some reason, part G did not print the first time. When I was taking inventory, I noticed it was missing and went back and cut it. Not sure why that happened.
#2 When full of candy, it is difficult to close. Part L hits the candy on the way down. I recommend a design change, where the corners are cut off, similar to what I have drawn. I might take a dermal to this part, if I can.


Very cute, and nice job on the gluing and painting! Looking forward to the day when I can peek into the catalog…


How cute is that? I kept seeing the little guy in the MakerFaire shots, but never close enough to get a good look…and the power went out leaving you in the dark with the candy monster? Spooky! :ghost:


I see the reference to the catalog by the OP and says me, "I better check out this catalog since my Golden Email came over two weeks ago."
So perusing the catalog I see several interesting things and then I come across several items that say “Already Purchased.” I don’t remember purchasing any designs and wonder if this is part of the original purchase or what?


The “Already Purchased” items are part of the free gift from Glowforge. You will eventually get all the items from the initial video, once they are released.


Great work! And thanks for the feedback.


You are such a tease posting the url to the file most of us can’t access…lol
Super cute paint job.


@Rita, @GlowforgeStaff

I modified part L with a dremel. The red line is what I cut. This did not fix the problem, just moved it. Now instead of hitting the green circled edge, it hits on the yellow circled edge.


I have a few more ideas on how to fix this. I will try them out and see if they work.

Here was my hack, which seems to work okay, not great.

I put 2 pieces of chipboard to prevent part L from hitting the candy.

If anyone has some other suggestions, please let me know. Unfortunitly, I can’t edit the design to make a better fix. :frowning_face:

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Looks way cool! Did you paint then assemble or assemble and then paint? Which is best? Will it assemble correctly if you paint before assembly?

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I painted beforehand, then assembled. The only part I had an issue with was the horns. It would bind slightly. I just sanded the slots a little and it worked fine.


I couldn’t post a good picture on my phone. These are the slots where I had some binding issue. I would recommend sanding them slightly before assembly.



Thanks again for the help… attached are pics of my version painted but un assembled, then assembled as well


Nice job!

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I recently cut out the pieces for a friend, and this is what she came back with:

She also confirmed the issue with the horns binding in the slots, especially after painting. This seems simple to correct in the source data - if we had access to it. I’ll submit a support request to let GF know about it.


Hey guys as of Yesterday Feb 21 , I try cutting the project and for whatever reason the second file, (the one with the face and outline of the monster) printed fine in the engrave pass, but when it did the second pass (which was Score) it basically cut the wood… Its this correct… This seems like a bug… Now I can’t really put this together since the top of the hair and Belly are detached from the main outline… Any help…?

@jlo35, I looked at the design data again. This is what I see:

The area you say got cut, shows ‘score’ on my system. I suppose it might be more helpful if I could duplicate what happened to you, but maybe this rules out the design data being the culprit - might be some other issue with your browser cache, bad day at the GF server farms, etc.

No. I would post your issue in Problems and Support or email them directly at They most likely will not see your post here. Don’t do both: they say it takes longer if you do both and causes them more work.

I have read of a couple other users who had this issue: score acting like a cut. I don’t know if it is a real thing or not (as in the laser and not the material or warpage or something else), but I would report it.

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Do this. And be sure to specify what materials you were using as well as the approximate time/date so they can check the logs for your machine.