Suggested Brand Industrial CNC Machine?

Anyone help lead an overwelmed person?

My friend asked me to recommend a CNC machine. I was excited until he told me he wants to buy a industrial machine capable of cutting 4 x 8 feet of wood.

I only know hobbyist desktop machines. His request is for a huge footprint sized machine

So instead I agreed to help research and narrow down some choices. He will let me use it :blush:


  • Want to buy new
  • Budget - $15 to $20K USD but willing to spend more for quality
  • Able to cut at least 4 x 8 feet of wood
  • Brand that has superior customer support if a problem happens after warranty is up
  • easy to get replacement consumable parts she needs things wear out
  • A machine that can grow with the business with optional add on heads

I only want to focus on brands makers recommend

Thank you in advance!


Going over your list and #4 locks it down to only one. Shopbot.

They do well in the others as well but #4.

I have their least expensive machine, the handibot and whenever I’ve had a problem they act like I am the owner of some factory that has a half dozen full-size machines or something.


Oh thank you! Shop bot was one of the first ones I saw. Their website is informative. I also realize I know little about CNC. Most courses around here are geared part of a career, I just want to learn basics and safety. Do you recommend taking courses to learn CAD and CAM and other important things. He wants to cut wood inlays design into flooring.

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I can never knock classroom time but I taught myself. If he buys a full sheet machine I’m pretty sure he can negotiate a beginners class for both of you!

Full-size machines get delivered and set up so there would be minimum instruction no matter what.

They come with a copy of Vcarve Pro and that is perfect for what he is wanting to do. If you want to start learning it you can download it and the demo will do everything but save a cut file.


I understand that it doesn’t fit a single one of your friends criteria, and is also not even a for sale yet; it is, like the Glowforge, still in the pre-order stage. However, I was also looking for a machine to help me with floor inlays, and came across the Shaper Origin (that link includes a $100 referral bonus for both myself and your friend if he decides to join the ranks of the optimistically waiting). Because it isn’t a traditional cnc, it has unlimited bed size, so it can be used to create inlays on floors that have already been laid.

Best of luck in your search!


Given that criteria, I’d agree with @markevans36301 that you should take a close look at the ShopBot.

I’m trying to hold out for something from Legacy Woodworking Machinery. I have talked with them at a couple woodworking shows and watched most of their YouTube videos. Their Maverick model is in your friend’s price range but is limited to 30" x 60". But it adds a 5-axis turning center and a 4-axis vertical clamping table at one end.


Might be a little pricey but I own a Shop Sabre. Made in the US, good support and a very solid machine. Have had mine for close to 10 years and have had very few problems. I routinely run programs that run for 15+hrs.


I’ll check it out, thanks!

Maybe he might be okay smaller if a 5th axis is important to him. I’ll check this out too thanks!!

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Oh I didn’t think of the run times. It’s it normal to set runs and walk away?

From my experience on my current 24" x 24" router, I’d say you wouldn’t want to walk away on your first dozen projects until you get the feel for determining feeds and speeds. I usually try to keep myself busy somewhere in the shop when my router is running but, if it is a long run (2 to 3 hours is long for my jobs), I go upstairs. I can still hear it just enough that if something goes wrong I’m likely to notice. With 10+ years experience, @tom is likely even more confident that the machine will operate as intended.

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That’s just the case for me. I’d love their Gemini series that is 4’ x 8’ plus the turning center and vertical mount but that is a couple times over your friend’s budget. For my needs, I think the Maverick will be a good compromise. I’m hoping to be able to justify one in about two years.

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With industrial machines I think it’s more normal. With that said, more than once I have come in in the morning to find a destroyed piece or broken tool. Almost always user error:-(


@cindyhodesigns Take a look at Cncrouterparts machines, easy to upgrade size, industrial, easy to repair, more options for the controller. They have pro and super-hobby models.

Can’t go wrong with ShopBot or CncRouterParts


These do look nice. I guess I should add that you can add a fourth axis to any Shopbot.


I dont know if they have an option within the budget, but check out MultiCAM. They have CNC routers with automatic tool changers built in.

I know they have the option to add a 4th axis rotary unit at the end of the router bed for turning/lathing.

They also have 5 axis routers, as well as plasma cutters, CO2 lasers, and Fiber lasers.

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Thanks! Definitely will look at this too!

I did come across this one. I’ll look at it more closely thank u!

@cindyhodesigns Here is a video showing assembly of their current 2 by 4 machine.

Shows components unclose and assembly process. If you build it, you can fix it!

Here is good controller and power supply.


Laguna Tools has some pretty great stuff. Not sure if they meet your criteria, though, but worth checking out