Suggestion: exhaust fan modes

Likely this has been suggested before but here goes:

I’d like to be able to tell the GF that my exhaust can be set to a few modes.

Full mode is what we have now… it just blasts away.

Low mode would run at some percentage speed, maybe 50? For things like paper or tiles or whatever isn’t going to smoke much.

In theory we could have a sensor or use cameras to determine smoke loads, but it’s probably best to just let the human decide. it would make the machine run much more quietly.

Of course, this may be a nonstarter due to reduced airflow over the heat exchangers… but that fan is really loud for engraving tile, which essentially generates zero smoke.


That was my first thought.



It is loud (much lower pitch than the PRU) but there is a need to balance the 2 intake fans with the exhaust to ensure a negative pressure inside the machine, and as you noted, reduced airflow = less cooling for the tube. That’s a biggie. Summer time temps already have many of us up against operation limits.
I do think the option to run the fans longer would be an improvement though.


Yeah. A man can dream of a quieter glowforge, though, right? :wink:

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Yes, and my personal experience (the PRU) gives me a subdued perspective, because it was much higher pitched, somewhere just under a dentist’s drill, so I was impressed with the noise reduction.
With a setup like @dwardio, those fans could be off and have any motor noise completely outside the house!

Edit *fan noise


Yeah that setup is baller. Envy city over here.

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That’s a great idea for a feature - thanks for the suggestion! We haven’t announced anything like a variable fan setting, but I’m going to send it to our product team.