Suggestion for Catalog designs

Hey foks,

I just made a catalog design that I think could be made a bit more flexible. I’m referring to the Compass Rose Notebook Cover, but my comments could be applied to many similar designs. Here’s my project: Glowforge Compass Rose Notebook Cover, and the issue was that as a result of the design cutting the outline before the stitching holes, the edges of the leather curled up and the holes ended up in the wrong place when the laser came back to do them. If the design had been put together with separate colors for the holes vs the outline, I would have done the holes first. Note that I was not using Proofgrade leather, but I still think having the holes as a separate operation would be an improvement.



Another user was wanting to skip the stitching holes and do it by hand. Separate operations would have helped there also.


Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll make sure the team gets them.