Suggestion for GF Team: Camera And Print Alignment

I did read something similar elsewhere, but had the thought and figured I’d share: To have the machine adjust itself to better align drawings in the web interface: why not have the user put in a proofgrade draftboard, then do a “camera alignment” procedure where the laser engraves some known patterns/hashmarks on it, then the camera immediately take a picture of the surface – the software could then make adjustments for alignment. It could be done for new machines, and whenever the machine is moved, or when alignment starts getting off?
I’m not even looking for perfect alignment, but I would hope that it would be within 1/16" or so. Close enough to “eyeball it” and reduce the amount of scrap between cutouts. :slight_smile:


I’m with you. A simple procedure to improve alignment. This has been proposed a few times before on the forums, but making this post also adds a vote.

I believe they’ve considered this approach (and perhaps they’re still considering it), however, it appears they want to avoid it by making it unnecessary. The response before was that they captured all the necessary data at the factory, it’s just a matter now of putting it to better use. Also, there are apparently finials inside the case they can also use.

But it seems to me, that it would be great to be able to quickly calibrate to environmental factors such as table flatness (or lack there of) or door closing amount.

One of the difficulties with your proposal is that while draftboard is comparitively consistent it’s still wood and can vary in thickness and flatness from humidity and storage conditions. At the edges, a very small variation in height translates into a much larger discrepancy in horizontal position. Of course, it might still be an improvement over whatever you’re getting now.


A paper sheet would be better as its thickness is consistently negligible for this purpose. Just need to keep it flat with magnets.


Why not etch the unit bed without the crumb tray using a pattern large enough that would allow the machine to evaluate and adjust the computations. This would allow for the camera to see exactly what is going on with the unit and make “self leveling” possible. At least is should.

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This has been suggested and replied to by Glowforge staff. If I recall correctly, the response is that they are considering it.

The replacement unit that I received does not need this so far - the error is undetectable. Glowforge has also reported that they are far from finished on improvements to alignment.

While I have not yet done so perhaps to scan a piece of that fancy graph paper and print it on a piece of draftboard and take a screenshot of the GFUI after it is finished. That way you have a numerical idea where the cut will fall at every point. Even a thin piece of paper laying on draft board with double sided tape and settings low enough to only scorch the paper

Thank you! We are continuing to work to improve alignment, and I’ll pass your suggestions on to the team.