Suggestion for Glowforge

With the recent outage for some people and questions on the boards, A suggestion for Glowforge:
Put a link to the status page in the Support Section, so people don’t need to search around on the community links to find the link.


You can have any changes to the status emailed to you automatically when they happen.


Yes, I personally have that - I just thought there should be a simple link in a obvious place for newbies :slightly_smiling_face:


So in general when you have an idea for Glowforge the way to submit it is to create the thread in problems and support or to email support@glowforge.

They don’t read this topic, unfortunately. Also moving this topic into P&S won’t make it visible; tickets are only created when the topic is brand new.

So if you really want GF staff to see this you’ll need to take one of those steps.


I started to add it to problems and support, then noticed someone had posted the same suggestion in 2019

I guess they didn’t think much of the suggestion :roll_eyes:

Well, the theory is that if you have the same suggestion, you should make it. Sometimes it takes a few voices to be heard, you know?

They have a list of ideas they refer to as “the hopper”. If you hunt around the forum for that term, you’ll see lots of discussions about ideas, and a fair amount of frustration that they are slow to pull things out of the hopper that seem like they ought to be quick wins.

To be fair to Glowforge, this is complex software, and moving quickly is a good way to break things. But on the other hand, some of the hopper items really do seem like no brainers. Yours is a good example of one that seems trivial and fast.

…but then you get the specter of mobile users, for whom screen real estate is limited and thus gold. You just can’t ignore mobile users, there are lots of them, but attempting to make the UI uniform across desktop and mobile* will lead to what appear to be bad weird decisions. Even now, I am just speculating; maybe adding a link like that is more complex than I think, but a career in web development makes me think it’s probably more a design constraint than it is technical.

Anyhoo. Suggest it again if you want to, maybe it’ll stick?

*There are other things at play here, too. A uniform UI has the major upside of reducing support touchpoints and training, and probably many other considerations – For example, GF has access to the metrics behind downtimes and our site usage, it may be that the status page is simply not used enough to justify the front page real estate. It gets complicated quickly when you dig in. In the end, we have to decide whether or not we trust that GF has smart, professional, employees – and if we do trust that try not to be too impatient or frustrated with the pace of changes/improvements.


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