Suggestion for making pro passthrough less likely to disappoint

It appears that if one pushes on the big white button at the wrong time during a passthrough (for example, while the machine is transferring the design to the forge) that the job gets canceled and one is forced to try manual alignment. Given that the signal for “ready” is a slowly pulsing white color on the same button, and during non passthrough cuts, the button is not white until it is ready to cut, having the button sitting there with a white color on it seems like an invitation for mistakes to happen (as happened to me the other day, negating a significant amount of work). I get that during a cut, pushing the button is a great way to pause the action. but this was not during a cut. I cannot think of a reason for the button to be illuminated with white except when pulsing white to indicate ready to cut.

So: a couple of suggestions:

a) change the color of the led during the periods of time during passthrough when the machine is ttaking pictures, aligning, or doing anything other than signaling me that it is ready to cut


b) find a way to ignore that button push during the times mentioned in a). I am not sure what the forge thought I wanted to achieve when i pushed it but it was not my intent to cancel the job in process. I saw white and thought " ohj it is ready" (it was not).


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