Suggestion: PRO SAFE and BASIC PLUS

Ok, I understand that extra GF variants means extra development, manufacturing hassle, SKU’s, software development, etc, however, I still think there is merit for two additional versions…


  • All the features of the PRO (better laser, optics, cooling, etc), but without the Pass-through slot.
  • Benefits: Ability to be used in schools and for public demonstrations (as Class I laser).
  • Cost: PRO minus $200?


  • All the features of the BASIC, but with the Pass-through slot (and software changes).
  • Benefits: Ability to cut large pieces of material, but without the cost of other extra PRO features if on a budget, expecting low usage, etc.
  • Cost: BASIC plus $200?

I think that people upgrading from a BASIC to a PRO SAFE would offset those downgrading from a PRO to BASIC PLUS.



I like the idea, with the caveat that it would have all of the negatives (extra development, etc.) you mentioned. Still, I’d love to have a Basic Plus.


If it had been available when I ordered (and upgraded), I would have given serious consideration to a “Basic Plus,” but would probably still have ended up with what I have on order now, a Pro. Still, I think the alternatives you suggest have a lot of merit. Especially your use case for the “Pro Safe,” although I would probably call it something else (that doesn’t imply the regular Pro is dangerous).


Yeah, i would have quickly gone with a Basic Plus to have the ability to use larger materials, without necessarily needing all the other extras (more power, cooling, etc.)

Good idea. :slight_smile:


I agree that it implies the pro is dangerous. I really don’t think it is but having the Class 4 rating has potential issues depending on the venue and location of the pro. I think “pro safe” is a great idea but if I’m going to keep the glowforge at home(that’s the plan) then I’ll just stick with the Pro and have the pass-through when I need it.


Perhaps the glowforge 2 will be modular and you can just select your addons. Not that well be going through glowforge upgrades like we do iPhones or anything, but it would be neat. I would love a basic with pass through.


Good ideas, IMO.

As for the naming scheme, I agree that adding “safe” to one of them does imply that ones without that moniker are not safe. How about “Basic C4” and “Pro C1” as names for the two proposed models?

We’ve talked about every combination of functionality you can possibly imagine, and so far haven’t convinced ourselves that it’s worth the complexity to add another SKU.


Given what’s being traded out here is plastic and abilities in software. Rather than PRO SAFE -$200 I think it would be current Pro +$200.

I’m sure if the option had been there I would be one of the few who had been torn over the pro without pass through. but for and extra 5%(and smaller if you factor in filter or shipping) why not just go all the way.


I had mentioned that being able to order features a la cart would be nice…dan liked the idea, too :slight_smile:

There’s a big difference between liking an idea and running a successful business sadly


well If I could get the higher wattage laser, better optics and better cooling without the passthrough I would change my order.


True. But I think that idea would be a huge hit…and I think people would be willing to wait longer for a customized one. “X days for delivery of the standard models, or X+Y days if you want a customized one”

Cars, computers, furniture…pretty run of the mill after an established production is organized…


heh, that made me think of the Henry Ford quote, talking about the model T:
“Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.”


I will say that a “basic with pass through” would have caught my eye and a few more of my dollars. I don’t (well, I hope I don’t) need the extra power, and I couldn’t justify the added price just for the pass through…

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as long as we’re asking for customization can I get a flux capacitor and a 1.21 gigaWatts tube?

With luck I’ll never have to fire it but the ransom demands will surely make me rich :slight_smile:


I have ordered a PRO but am hoping to get more info about the pass through slot before it ships. I do have young children, and I would like the functionality of the pass through slot. However, if there is any reasonable likelihood that the pass through can be accessed accidentally, I will have to downgrade to a Basic.

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I’m pretty sure there is no harm while opening the pass through slots when the laser is not operating.

But even the basic I suspect is a supervised time activity.

If I recall the many a safety tip thread. Even your own personal lasering projects should be supervised by you in case of flaming mishaps.

All that being said some sort of lockout would be nice on the passthrough slots.

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My understanding is the passthrough slot is covered by a silicone flap. A child could conceivably stick an object or their hands through the flap while it’s running. I don’t think I would trust it around very young children even with supervision (under five or so). But it should be ok with older children as long as you are there while it’s running (which is something you should be doing anyway).

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I understand that, for legal reasons, the Glowforge team has to err on the side of caution in providing information and warnings. Of course, I would never leave it running unattended due to the fire risk alone, and certainly not with my kids (4 and 6) around it. We have created a lockable space in the house for it, and I tend to think that the risk is fairly low in the situation as I foresee it in my house.

I would just feel more comfortable if I had more information about the specifics of the pass through. At the same time, I see many more uses for it with the pass through slot available, so I hate to downgrade my order if I don’t have to. Looking forward to more info as it is available.