Suggestions 2.0

I have a request…I would like the add text feature to allow multiple lines of text without having to add a new text line. I used to be able to copy and paste what I used and just change it. Now it will not allow that. I have to go to “add text” for every line. I am trying to engrave addresses on envelopes…let’s just say it’s a PITA to add text one line at a time. Thanks for your consideration.

Certainly a feature many would use. If you are engraving envelopes or addresses, I think you might cut production time by typing your information in a Word document, separating each address with a line or two. Save as a pdf and upload to Glowforge which will allow you to select each individual address to drag onto the item you are engraving. Having text in the interface is handy, but not always the most efficient tool for the job.


Oh I want that too! I will share your suggestion with the team.