Suggestions for attaching acrylic to a "grass wall" backdrop

I am cutting out a large cut out Miss to Mrs signage in pink acrylic to attach to a grass wall backdrop for a bridal shower. The faux grass panels are being stapled to plywood. Ideas on how I can attach the acrylic to the grass panels?

I’d rig up some sort of standoff and glue the acrylic to the standoff. Even small wood blocks would work, you could screw the wood into the plywood right through the grass, then glue the acrylic to the wood blocks. It’d even give a nice 3d effect.

For the glue type I’d use this to that.


Why would you glue the acrylic to the standoff versus having the standoff screw through the acrylic as it’s designed to do?



All depends on whether or not the OP’s design will allow for having visible mounting hardware.

Given that the entire thread started by saying that the OP is “cutting out” the sign, it seemed like it may be too late to make a change to allow for standoffs.

Up to them, I suppose.


I would stick Command hooks upside down to the back of your cutouts, screw strapped D rings to the grass/plywood in matching spots and them hang the cutouts from the rings


I am trying to make something like this…
Screen Shot 2022-05-04 at 1.12.03 PM

I haven’t cut it yet. I posted a picture of what I am trying to do in this thread.

I was thinking of this too!

I would suggest attaching a few sturdy hooks through the grass and into the wood backer itself, and that way you know nothing will break free from the weaker grass. A few little ‘L’ hooks should do it, and you could paint them the same color as the acrylic to blend in.


I don’t know how heave you are going to make it but how about double sided tape?

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