Three things (plus an extra):

  • For unknown materials, it would be nice to display the size in the UI. As it stands now, it just says ‘Unknown’, ‘Unknown 0.130"’ would be nice.

  • Including the height on the sidebar for each action would be good too. being able to go through the actions at a glance would be much simpler than clicking through.

  • Allowing for a one-line task list on the left would allow more tasks to fit on screen. Having the small thumbnails is a nice concept, but a full list of settings (aka “cut: 200/full/1x” with an assigned color that corresponds to colors in the art in the UI) would be much more useful. The thumbnails are not very functional on larger pieces, and they take up too much real estate – scrolling is bad.

This is a repeat of an idea from before but bears repeating: Anytime you are doing a job with a default value, an alert should be popped when you hit print. In fact, I’d say remove default values altogether, and require manual setting of everything, except in proofgrade. It is very unlikely that anyone will be cutting at 500/1. Forcing a value to be manually chosen will help prevent mistakes.


When I first received a PRU in late February it did not say unknown/Unknown. It displayed the material height thickness that I entered for non-PG.

Immediately sent a problem report when they changed it. Have no clue why they would remove useful information for what is completely useless. You can no longer look to see if the material thickness has been entered as was the case many months ago.


I agree whole heartily. Unknown, unknown is worse than nothing. I often have to click again to remind myself what I put in that box, as in, did I put anything in there?


Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll make sure the team gets them.