Sun Glasses holder design in catalog

Just wanted to bring to staffs (@dan @Rita ) attention (as I am the original creator of the design and getting messages about it) the sun glasses holder design will not add to the dashboard when clicking to download it when it says it will be added shortly, it never adds. I heard a few people say they emailed in about this but no post have been added here and these tend to be seen earlier. I am hoping we can get this corrected sooner than later as I don’t have any control on fixing it other than this ticket to reach out. Any update or information on this would be great (I was not notified that this design was posted yet by email so I am not sure if it was ahead of schedule and that’s why this is happening or something else.)


Confirmed. I clicked it, it said added, but isn’t there.

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I’m so sorry that this design was not loading in the dashboard. I’ve had the team investigate and I believe the issue is resolved. Would you please try again to see if the design shows up in your dashboard? Let me know if you are still having issues and I can further investigate.

Still not working.

Still not working for me although I received an email from Glowforge saying it was fixed - yesterday and today.

@Angie.C @dan @Rita just checking back in, been a few more hours since last update and tried again. It still is not loading to multiple people’s dashboards (including mine when testing just now). After click add it still says it will be added shortly but never adds it to the dashboard as if nothing happened. Just wanted to retag so this didn’t go unnoticed.

Thanks for letting us know! We are looking into this now.

We have a fix in place and you should see it on your dashboard now. Please let us know if it’s not there or run into any other trouble?


It is showing up on mine now. Thank you. I’ll keep you posted if anyone else has issues.

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It is in my dashboard now. Thanks.

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And thank you.

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Great! Thanks for letting us know! I’m going to close this post.

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