Supplies on Oahu

Just wondering where is a good place to get supplies on Oahu, trying to save on shipping. looking for wood, acrylic and leather supplies.

There are or have been several owners on O’ahu, but few are regularly active here. Pick up the phone and call around.

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Koa wood is really amazing stuff that comes from there so we have the extra expense of shipping that you don’t have.


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Once again, the ping brings me back :smile:

I stuck to ordering a very large amount of supplies back when proofgrade materials were at their original prices, but locally I went to Home Depot for other wood, such as Baltic or mahogany (which is labeled as underlayment). I’d heard that there was a milling yard in Waimanalo that a few people had gone to, but I can’t remember the exact location.

That’s about the extent of my knowledge, unfortunately. A milling yard and Home Depot will sell unfinished materials, so definitely keep that in mind. There are also people who have created entire businesses selling laser ready materials on Etsy, Facebook, and other websites that you can look into.


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I bought 1/8 in birch and oak ply from plywood hawaii and cut it down in the driveway. Over a certain price they deliver.
Waimanalo lumber is absolutely amazing for making plaques. I haven’t tried to cut their planks thinner to cut out something on the laser.


thanks for the suggestions, Waimanalo Lumber peeked my interest. looks like I have to take a trip to the east side now.


I just had to laugh because going to “the east side” for me brings up an area of my hometown that is NOTHING like Hawaii… Let’s just say you would not want to be walking on a dark street on the east side. lol I’d love to be on the east side of Oahu right now LOL

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In the case of Hawaii the North East side is the wet side if I remember, and there are a lot of wet side stories.

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lol So many possible comments.

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