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Totally disgusted with my Glowforge

Will not cut
Print head won’t move from time to time
Constant problems with fire inside which should not happen
Way too much downtime
Left 5 messages today for customer service and no call back. Now I have to wait all weekend.

Welcome to the forum.
As you undoubtedly know, participants in this forum are just owner/users like you are,. We can’t speak for official support, but we may be able to help with some of your issues. For example, what do you mean by constant problems with fire inside? Under what circumstances will the head not move?


None of those are normal things for a Glowforge… I would be disgusted too, but why are you having fires inside your machine and why are you having downtime? Glowforge’s app wasn’t down for more than 20 minutes so far in 2022.

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And I think what we’re getting here with the flames… is that the glowforge doesn’t have an ACTUAL air assist. It’s just a fan that does an adequate job of keeping smoke and stuff out of the way of the beam and optics. But certain materials can certainly have a small flame that follows the beam contact point. Usually it’s masked materials. That IS normal. As long as the flame doesn’t continue after the head passes, you are fine.


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