Support for yellow light

When you send a request for help, how long does it usually take for someone to get back to you?
I’ve got a deadline coming up and I’m having issues.
It’s been stopping mid print and the yellow light is coming on.
Now it won’t start at all. It says focusing and the yello light comes on before i can do anything else

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It can take a couple of days if they are busy.

The yellow button indicates a problem, it could be several things but it has happened to me when the laser was getting hot because the exhaust fan was occluded and the cooling wasn’t working well enough.
The machine has a pretty tight temperature range, what is the temp of the room?


I went through pretty all the troubleshooting options i could find.
I’m in the basement and it’s low 70’s in here typically

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If you sent it by email you should have received an instantaneous auto-response. If you didn’t get that, they didn’t get your message. I don’t know if that happens from the website.

While you’re waiting, (and your machine is off) check all the wire connections to make sure nothing has come loose. If you’re unsure, take pics and post them here and someone can look at them with you.


I might be wrong, but it seems like the lens isn’t staying in its proper position in the bottom of the printhead.

The lens moves up and down…it’s intentional…that’s how it focuses. That’s the clicking sounds that you hear.


That makes sense. I’m about out of ideas. hopefully they get back to me soon


There is an air intake on the bottom right, make sure nothing is restricting it.


The yellow light and getting stuck on “Focusing” both point toward an issue communicating with the print head, not a temperature one. The print head itself can go bad, but more often it’s the white ribbon cable that connects it to the controller board. Make sure it hasn’t wiggled itself loose from the print head, and that it doesn’t have any creases or worn spots exposing the wires along its length.

If there’s a hardware issue of any kind, even if support gets back to you soon, it’ll be a good bit of time before you’re back up and running. Up to some weeks if you have to exchange the whole machine. Start figuring out your backup plan now. You might be able to connect with another Glowforge owner that can finish your project(s) before the deadline for you, if not here then on one of the several large Glowforge owner groups on Facebook.


Thanks for the reply. I checked that connection several times and it seems ok. I will look over the cable again to see if I notice any worn spots… I didn’t see any initially.
I think I already have my back up plan in line now. It just sucks that’s going to be a lot of lost money for me. But I guess that’s the way it goes haha

I seem to recall a yellow light when the machine paused for cooldown. :thinking:

I am having the same problem. Two days straight. Followed the troubleshooting checklist. Contacted support this morning. Yesterday the print head moved before they yellow light came on. Today, nothing. Just the light. Anything else I can do/try other than wait?

That’s exactly what’s happening.
Monday it would start. Light would come on mid print.
Now, it might start to center, but yellow light is on almost immediately after I turn the machine on.
Spent the last 2 days troubleshooting.
Waiting on a reply from support now

In case anyone was wondering how this is working out.
Support contacted me and had me take some photos.
Issue is communicating with the print head.
They cannot fix this remotely, so the offer is to ship me a refurbished machine for the cost of the repairs, and then I ship the broken one to them

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Unfortunate, but not unheard of.

“In general” a yellow button indicates a hardware issue, UNLESS there is a message in the UI such as cooling down.


Yeah, stuff happens. I just hope it’s not a consistent issue. Was hoping to get at least a few years out it.

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