Support has not emailed me from my closed thread, Supposed to replace my unit! Answer please!

My thread was closed stating support would email me Intake fan is really loud for some reason! - #11 by whickmant
it’s been 6 days and no email for my replacement.
Please reply! Private message to @MarcM has no read or reply

They sent an email within moments of closing that thread - check your spam folder and add to your whitelist. They’ll see this and will respond again, but if your email is eating their messages that’s something you’ve got to fix on your end!

They’ll get you sorted.

I’m so sorry to hear about the snag you hit receiving our email. I sent over the next best steps via email on Wednesday, February 10th at around 3:40PM PST. I’ve now sent the instructions again to get a replacement unit sent out.

Could you check your spam folder or email to see if you received the email I just sent?

I’ll keep this thread open, and wait to make sure you received the email.

I have this latest email I see it in my inbox but the last one never made it. thanks!

I’m glad to see that you received Marc’s most recent email. Before I close out this thread, would you please let us know if you also received the email with instructions and next steps from our colleague Veronica?

yes I did thank you

Hi @whickmant. Thank you for confirming that you received Marc’s last email. I’ll go ahead and close this thread and continue any discussions via the email support ticket. Thank you!