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Hi all.

I have just received my GF+. I’m looking for anyone who is based in the U.K. and is willing to help and support me through my “GF learning phase”. I don’t envisage there being lots of problems but I would value support on helping me in my journey (?? Possibly a mentor??). Basically someone I can get in touch with for help and is on the same time clock as me. But, I would certainly value help from the US and Canada. Thanks so much to all and I look forward to this new journey. Many thanks. G36


Welcome to the Glowforge community.

There are quite a few users in the U.K., and I suspect they will reach out to you. Those of us in other parts of the world are also available many hours of the day. Your best source of information, however, is the forum itself. Utilizing the search function will reward you with over 6 years of discussions.


Thanks, I appreciate that and your comments. ATB. G36

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I would agree with @dklgood that the forums are your best bet, given it is always daytime somewhere in the forums so you can get 24 hour peer support, and if you’re not doing something super-exotic, there is probably a post about it (from engraving rice grains, Easter peeps, Passover matza, hand painted butterflies, playing card boxes, trail signs, etc). Do a good search and if you can’t find it, ask away (make sure to include good photos and what exactly went wrong (or you can’t figure out how to do). Everyone here has asked for help and of online maker communities this one is probably the most supportive (no all uppercase screaming please; you will find most folks use the “teach a man to fish” method of answering). I can’t tell you how many times I have pinged @Jules with an illustrator question, or @marmak3261 with some construction/assembly, or @chris1 with a SVG question despite teaching a course in CAD/CAM at the graduate level and having had a Glowforge since the pre-release days. You will find someone, somewhere has already encountered your issue before (and anything that requires real-time help, probably means you need to grab a fire extinguisher!)


Good luck with the machine. It’s a great little laser. Please don’t hesitate to PM me if you have an Inkscape question or specific use case.

One thing you might put in this topic are particulars about the types of objects you will make and the materials you’d use. What design software are you using?

Of course one of the great resources is over there. Martin Raynsford used to be on the forum in the preproduction days. He doesn’t update as much but her has tons of designs and ideas


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