Support needed

I am in need of support to replace a refurbished Glowforge. I have sent multiple emails to support as well as call support and sales. Has anyone else been experiencing problems getting support?

They won’t reply until they have information to share.

Support doesn’t stock or ship machines, they are dependent on the outsourcer for that information. There is no warehouse full of machines waiting to be shipped.


Seems I would have got a response by know at least of a time frame of shipment. Or at least answers to some of my questions. I haven’t heard anything since January 19th.

I would try emailing them.

I have sent multiple emails and phone messages

As stated, they typically won’t reply until they know. They don’t know timeframe as they don’t build, repair or ship machines.


My forge went down a week before Christmas. They replaced that one with a refurbished. The support during this process was outstanding. But when I received the refurbished forge it would not work out of the box. I contacted them that day and they responded and determined that it also needed replaced. They sent an email needing my authorization agreeing to the terms of the replacement. After responding a couple of days went by with no response. I emailed asking if my authorization was received. They responded back that it had and I would receive an email shortly with the details. That was the last response on January 19th.

Oh wow! I would for sure just try sending them an email if all you are looking for is their support…

Sounds about right given the back-up over the holidays, and what others have posted.

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What bothers me the most is not getting answers to some of my simple questions. When you call support or sales no one answers any time of the day. I know this isn’t the case but it makes me think they are going out of business.

Nope. It’s been far worse in the past. Last time I had a simple question, it was 11 days for an initial response.

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Thank you eflyguy. That makes me feel a little better.

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It’s frustrating for sure, and everyone (including GF staff) wishes it could be much better. It ebbs and flows.

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At the current rate it is about 3 weeks for a response each time. I would make sure you send them all your ducks in a row. If they need any additional info then it would just add to your timeline.

The main question I was asking them was about the 90 day warranty that came with the refurbished forge they sent me. The last reply from them said the replacement they send for the refurbished will be covered for the “remainder” of the original warranty. So I asked since the refurbished forge did not work out the box then shouldn’t I have a 90 day warranty with the replacement. With all this time going by I fear my warranty is dwindling down.

Unfortunately - based on many previous discussions - the primary warranty countdown starts the day you received your first machine, functional or not.

I think (but can not say with certainty) that any replacement (and in the past, repairs) comes with 30 days.

It doesn’t seem fair but that appears to be the reality.

Others who have had replacement machines may be able to confirm.

Oh I hope not.

I would expect that info to be in the notification when it’s ready to ship, if so, please share here so we can be better informed.

I will. Thank you all. It really helps my nerves just being able to discuss this.


Take heart in that there are around 100,000 printers out there. You only read about the problem because very few happy customers post here.

Communication and support response has always been less than desirable, but for a small company producing such a great product at such a low price, they don’t have dozens of staff waiting for your call. It’s just the way it is. Once you get up and running, you’ll be happy.