Support Phone phone just removed

It is only me or just a few minutes ago Glowforge removed the phone numbers listed for support, as well as the instructions to “contact us for support at +1 (855) 338-2122” ? they listed that as the primary way for support, even they never answered.

I mean, the phone is still there, but the whole section of “support” that was at the right, separated from “sales” was removed.

No, I just clicked the Support tab above and the phone number is absolutely still there.


Not for me, scratch scratch.

Exactly, there was another column at the rigth, one for sales with one phone, another jest for “support”, I see it was removed.

The “contact us here” leads to a formatted Email as is the case with most large companies. I guess there gets to be a point where “calling in” reaches such a volume and diversity that such a strategy becomes a cost necessity. I would suspect also that sales staff get a lot of the phone calls that formerly went to support. If you call and want a new carriage instead of a whole Glpowforge I have no idea how they would handle it.

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I think this is just a case of you misunderstanding the way the page is presented.

The number is right there, as Dan posted - just click on “Support” at the top of every forum page, or “Support” from any other GF page - it takes you to the same place.

They tell you how to contact sales but the number is on that support page, nothing has changed.

The fact they no longer answer is another matter. You’ve got a handful of employees supporting what might be 100,000 machines.

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Unless I dreamed it, I saw a page with two columns, one for Sales with a phone number, another column for support. The phone numbers were different, that’s why I recall it well, as I first wrote down the one for Sales but I wanted to call for support. And were not the UK vs US. Anyhow, not relevant, just curious.

Maybe I’m just getting old and started to imagine things :slight_smile:

They may have changed the layout of the page, but the number for support hasn’t changes since it was originally introduced. You can search here and find it back from the fall.


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