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Help! Is there anybody out there? Does anybody have a direct phone number to reach Glowforge other than the main customer service number that is available? It’s been nearly 2 weeks since we paid the $200 for round-trip shipping to and from the board to have our dear machine assessed and possibly and hopefully repaired. Yet we have heard nothing, eve after sending two subsequent emails asking for a return label so we can ship our machine in for repair… help, please… anyone…?


Shaun Sati

Woah… I have been waiting for my return label since a Friday. They are not responding to me either. Wonder what is going on? The silence is deafening when it comes to an issue.

No. Your only available contact methods are emails to or a posting in Problems & Support.

WhAt happened to yours?

I’m so sorry for the slow reply. I’m looking into this issue for you and I’ve followed up by email. I apologize again for the difficulty.

Thank you for your patience while we work on this. We’ll continue working on this through email, so I’m going to close this thread.