Support response (lack thereof)

I’m tearing my hair out. I urgently need Glowforge to supply US Customs some information for a shipment to me in NZ or it will be returned to sender. This will cost me thousands of dollars. I have called the service desk number and left messages (it used to put you in a queue on hold) and emailed many times with no response. It’s not a hard question and will take them minutes to fix this, and had been going on a week or more.

What else can I do to contact them and get this sorted?

Email or phone. That’s it, unfortunately. They no longer use the forums for support.


You could try bugging them on social media. Comment on one of their multiple-times-a-week FB Live events, tag them on Instagram, etc?


I recently sent an email to support…with a question about the catalog submissions. It wasn’t anything urgent like many more people need, but I didn’t hear anything for over a week, (which has not been my usual experience), so I sent another email. I finally decided not to pursue it because it’s wasn’t really important enough to tie up their support staff when there were more pressing issues. The very next day I did get a response with sincere apologies for the delay. She said that they are really backed up, so I just thought I’d offer that up here to anyone who is still waiting for responses. I know it’s frustrating, but just hang in there.

I emailed Dan (CEO) in the end, and got a response from the service desk. But they’re still refusing to do what they are being asked, which is just to supply a tax number for US Customs. I don’t know what else I can do. I have asked, my shipping agent has asked, DHL have asked. So frustrating.

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