Support service nightmare

If you are living a real nightmare with your machine please contact me!

If you are a GF lover, cheerleader, bully, or is just super duper happy please restrain from answering.

This post is for unhappy, pissed people that regret from having made the decision of buying it.

Thank you so much, have a great day!

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Just curious, what are you hoping to get out of this thread?

It’s interesting because there are some incongruities:

  • you read like you’re unhappy, yet maintain an upbeat tone

  • you try to tell people how to reply or participate while also calling other people bullies

  • it sounds like you are making a forum post soliciting DMs about the topic, sort of the opposite of what most threads are like

I’m just wondering where you’re hoping to go with this. The forum is full of threads where people gripe openly about GF service and design and software choices, this is a new vibe.


I’m having a hard time imagining anyone that would meet your criteria for contact.

Being an ICU nurse right now? That could be living a real nightmare.

But anything related to a fancy arts-and-crafts gadget? Hmm.

Did a laser cutter burn down your house along with a litter of puppies?


dead puppies, aren’t much fun.


First of all, this is a public forum, so no one has to refrain (not restrain) from answering any more than you need to refrain from posting such a ridiculous request. Sounds like you’re trying to gather people for a class action…pretty amusing…but you have a great day, too!


I’m sorry, I think you have found yourself in the wrong neighborhood. :joy:


I’m not going to dismiss how frustrating it can be to wait for customer service to respond in this small, start-up company selling a budget crafting tool. There are about 46,000 registered owners out there and only a handful of new tickets opened on the official support page each day. Last time I had an issue - a couple of years ago - it was 11 days for a response. They’ve gotten much better since then.

The most important factor to keep in mind is “Glowforge Customer Service” doesn’t stock, ship, or repair anything. Everything is outsourced, so when you make a query, not only do you have to wait for them to see and take action, they have to then contact the relevant outsourcer, wait for their response, then delay again until they respond to that and get back to you.

It sounds absurd but it’s absolutely acceptable given how cheap the machine was to begin with. It’s why I jumped on it when it was announced in 2015, and waited over 2 years, If you want business-quality support, go check out business-quality machine prices.



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Thank you so much, have a great day!


re·frain1 | rəˈfrān |
verb [no object]
stop oneself from doing something


Most importantly do not offer the OP any helpful suggestions, It won’t be taken well…


You got that right! Please do restrain yourself.


I always get myself into trouble with restraints… weird trouble…


What is going on? Maybe we can help. Been there—so I know how you feel.

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@Karen do you KNOW this person?


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