Support Status?

Hi, Is there a way to see what the status of a support request might be? I submitted an email and left a voicemail but cannot find a portal or queue where my request might be.
Thanks for the help!

No, there’s no portal. You should have received an automatic response to your email starting with the subject “[Request received] …” from stating that a support ticket has been opened for you. That’s your confirmation they have your request, and you can reply to that if you have anything to add to it.

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Email is no longer the official way to contact them. The “Contact Us” link on the main support page is the only official way to go. There is no phone or chat option, and the old email address (that they took down) will likely take longer.

You should receive the automated response quite quickly, but it may take several business days (they don’t work weekends) to get an actual response.


Ah, that was the page I used, I just assumed it was an email, apologies for the error.

yeah, I got the email. Just waiting I guess. It does seem really suprising that there is not a way to get a person, I would not expect that based on thier marketing and such.

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Zendesk (the cloud-based software they use for support) converts the forms to email and works from that.

Support has always been a problem but it’s gotten really bad lately. They used to participate here but that quit last year as well.


Dan’s recent reply to a post regarding the PG material warranty would suggest otherwise, seems to still be quite valid.


I agree with this. I’ve sent emails to support just from my own email app and not even while on the website.


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