Surface Book 2 15 inch

I had a decent amount of fun figuring out the measurements of my SB, and figured that if there were any other people here who had one, maybe they would like to use this file to add to their own SB. There’s a PDF format, as well as SVG, but they’re the same file. I’d be interested to see what anybody comes up with if they do use these files - I’ll be posting what I’ve been working on hopefully by tonight, but we’ll see how the test phase goes :stuck_out_tongue:

This is just for the lid, I didn’t feel like getting fancy for the rest, sorry! (124.6 KB)

Edit: Hopefully no one downloaded the file that I had originally - it had a lot of my other layers nonsense in there, but I’ve fixed that.


Thank you. Can you show a picture of how yours turned out? :grinning:


Here’s what I came up with. Little different than the basic file I shared, but we’re all makers here, right? :wink:


Another one of those some day projects. I have a Surface Book 2 15 and haven’t done anything to it. This is just excellent. Thanks for sharing.


Here’s your chance, I did most of the leg work for you!


Very nice of you to share your work. Yours looks fantastic!

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this is awesome! How does the heat work with it? How did you attached it to the back?


I wouldn’t say that it has affected the heat dissipation enough to notice any difference in performance. With the Proofgrade veneer that Glowforge offers, it comes with a 3M adhesive already applied so that’s just what I used. You have to be careful when placing it, as the adhesive is some strong stuff! I recently removed some from my previous laptop and it was pretty difficult; I used a hair dryer for heat and just slowly pulled it off.

You can always purchase the veneer from other sources that come with or without adhesive on the back, so you aren’t limited to just the Glowforge stuff, too :+1:t4:

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Since the Veneer comes in 12x20inch’s you really only have one pass with 1 sheet as far as i can tell.
This is honestly awesome and I want to do it :slight_smile:
What about keys for the keyboard? Thoughts? Or Better yet, the outside of the keyboard itself?

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Well if you do it like mine, you can get more than one out of a sheet by grouping the pieces, so in my case, the two cherry pieces left enough room for more beneath them, and there’s plenty of room for more of the walnut.

Key covers would be cool! My only issue is I like the illuminated keys, because I like to type in bed sometimes, but if you don’t need them it might work well. My biggest concern is that the height of the keys would be higher, possibly high enough to touch the screen while the lid is shut, so they may leave marks on the display. The wraparound is also a cool idea, but from what I’ve heard on the surface book, the magnets that hold the screen down to the base frame aren’t the strongest, so with the added height they may not be strong enough to hold the laptop shut, but I don’t see why that would be a problem with traditional laptops!

It’s really fun having the veneer on mine and I would recommend it to anyone who has any spare veneer on hand and are not sure what to do with it. What kind of laptop are you looking to do it on?

As I almost never close mine it would seem kind of pointless but it might be fun to make the top a chess or backgammon board when not involved in doing computer stuff, :upside_down_face:

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Genius! If you traveled with it, it wouldn’t be so hard to keep game pieces in a bag either!

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chess or checker board might be easier especially with the Logo already cut out.