Surprisingly paid off the glowforge :)

Great work!
I’m not surprised you have paid that thing off with that quality of work beautifully framed.
The layering really pops!

I bought the laser for self indulgment, but accidentally paid it off with quantity instead of quality. Simple two sided tokens for a non profit, nothing as intricate and artistic.


What 's your price range for these? They are totally awesome!!

Thanks. Ranges between 150-350 depending on the size and detail. Once i spend the time illustrating i can knock duplicates out pretty quick, generally 1 every couple days. But it can take 8 hours of illustration for a new project, so its a balance. Right now demand exceeds time available, so i might get a little more into it.


Absolutely beautiful, you have a great creative eye! I love them!

I understand the time involved. I get in detail on my projects. Again, AWESOME is the only word I can think to describe them.

With all the detail and fantastic work I think you can up your price!!

Haha, i would if they werent soldiers. We put in a collection for gifts, so the cost is more of a donation. But you are right



Jaw on the floor.

Wow! And here I am working 2-3 hours on an item that makes me no more than $5 profit. Granted, I know that is not how to make money, and I do it more as a hobby, but still, that is impressive!

They look fantastic too! My brother is in the Army, and I kind of want to design something like this for when he retires from there soon-ish!

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Really fantastic! I love the layers.


These look great!

Wonderful Job! Wonderful composition! Wonderful forethought! And a wonderful name to go with it Fluffins_McDickers. Probably related to Clan McDickers south of Glasgow (lol). Thanks for posting!


Ha! Thanks, its actually my cat’s name. He is the real inspiration


LOL. They always look like they know what is going on, and occasionally like they are interested

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Great work!

Wow! Amazing work of art!

Amazing work!

LOVE these!