SVG does 2 passes - F360 exporting doubled sketch?


I tried searching the forums for an answer, but I unfortunately didn’t have any luck. My current Fusion360 workflow (until dxf is available) is to export as a dxf in fusion, bring it into inkscape, save as a “Plain SVG”, and then import it into the GFUI. The problem that I am running into is that when I go to cut (not engrave) the glowforge does 2 passes to cut through the material. I first figured it was duplicate lines in Inkscape, or maybe the lines were actually filled in objects, and not vectors, but I am able to adjust the line width in inkscape just fine. Then I thought it might be because the line was too wide making 2 side by side cuts to cut away the material, but changing the line thickness down to 0.1mm didn’t solve it either.

I cant really see the toolpath very well in the preview (cant zoom in either)strong text, which would help me diagnose if it’s the svg or the glowforge software. One thing I did notice is that it appears to cut exactly on top of the original cut. I have done cuts where they are right next to each other before, but it appears to cut directly on top of the previos path.

Then I thought it was just the standard proofgrade settings to do 2 passes (This all happened with Medium Draftboard,Medium Acrylic, and Medium Maple), but I had 1 time where it didn’t do it. It only happened once, but I used the exact same Fusion-Inkscape-GFUI process to create that svg. I am almost out of ideas. Anyone else have any problems with this? It is a bit frustrating since it doubles the time to cut each part, and it just chars the edges of everything.

On an unrelated note, is there any way to see what the stock proofgrade settings are? That would really help judge the kind of power it takes to cut through different materials when you want to use manual mode.


There is something strange going on in my estimation in the transfer from Fusion360 to Inkscape. The default cuts are single cuts through medium. Have you changed to outline view? Have you looked for invisible lines? They only time I have had unexpected double cuts is when there were vectors in the drawing that were hidden somehow. Can you post a sample SVG after bringing it through Inkscape and let us dissect it a bit?


One thing that might help you to check for double lines in Inkscape is to select View > Display Mode > Outline. It should show any double lines if you zoom in far enough. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: Except it apparently cannot catch a double sketch Fusion 360 DXF export, since those are perfectly overlaid. Ungroup a few times in Inkscape and drag to check for duplicates. (Further discussion below).


If you’d like to post the SVG here, I’m sure myself or someone else would be willing to take a look at it. Or, you can send via private message.


Or try ungrouping, grabbing it (by clicking on it, not dragging a bounding box) and see if you’re pulling one off & leaving another under it.



Here is one of the files. I cut this one tonight and it did 2 passes. I didn’t see any lines underneath. I really appreciate you helping me out! Once I know the correct process, things will be alot smoother. Just couldn’t figure this one out.


One of the layers (the outside cut) is duplicated. Layer names:


Edit - it looks like everything is actually duplicated.

Here are the layers (highlighted) that are duplicated:


That would explain it. I am messing around in Inkscape right now and I cant seem to see the same thing. Might be my version of Inkscape. Dragging it doesnt show anything underneath, nor does it show any other layers.

I am going to upgrade to 0.92.2 to see if that helps. I had to use 0.91 with our laser cutter at the makerspace since it had compatability issues with 0.92.


I don’t use Inkscape so I can’t tell you exactly what to use - but, the file was “grouped” twice.

You’ll want to ungroup the file to get easier access to the layers underneath. The behavior in AI is that if you use the standard “selection” tool - it will grab everything that’s in the group. Since all of the layers are in one (actually two) group, it just moves everything.

Or, AI has something called a “group selection tool” that is hidden underneath the “direct selection” tool. It will allow you to grab individual components inside of a group.

Sorry, I don’t know the equivalent tools in Inkscape.


It’s Object > Ungroup in Inkscape. (Weird though with the multiple groupings and hidden paths duplicated directly underneath. I haven’t seen that in F360 DXF exports.)

This is going to be out of sequence but can’t put it anywhere else since the thread’s been closed…

When I pick up a new sketch in F360 for export to DXF, I tend to create a fresh one off of the extruded face whenever possible. I generally don’t see a hidden sketch duplication problem doing it that way.

I’m wondering though if creating a new sketch on a face that already had a sketch on it for building the shape doesn’t create this duplication effect. It’s going to be something to watch for from now on. :thinking:


That did it! I tried the ungroup in 0.91 to no avail, but the duplicates instantly showed up in 0.92.2! Thank you so much for your help! That explains it.

What is weird is that it also did it with a 3rd party file as well (not one from fusion 360). Not sure what is going on there. I might try the same fusion-inkscape process with 0.92 to see if it was a bug with 0.91

edit: nope, it appears it comes into Inkscape like that from fusion. I guess I need to get my process down. For fusion users- What I have been doing was creating a new sketch on the surface of the object and then projecting the geometry onto that sketch. Then just exporting that new sketch as a DXF. I wonder if the sketch picks up the geometry without the “projection” ? The outlines don’t show up on the sketch plane without it…hmmm

edit:2 Wow they really close these down quick. You can’t really problem solve without discussion…

edit 3: Yeah, technically it is 2 sketches on top of each other, although the main one is hidden at the time. I guess it just picks up both? I would hope that if some sketch geometry is hidden, then it would ignore it, but I guess not.

Yes, it is a stand! I’ts a test bench to temporarily hold a giant (pellet fed) 3d printer extruder. Didn’t nail down the tolerances on the first go though, so it is a bit wobbly.


It appears to be a stand of some sort, so probably need two of them. My passing thought was that it was 2 sketches laying on top of one another in Fusion360 that exported out.

@haqnmaq i wouldn’t even mess around with trying to select within the group and move stuff around. Just go with the ungroup procedure @jules mentioned and everything will be laid out on the top level for you.

@haqnmaq - she was definitely on it fast! These count as official support tickets in this category, so I suppose they want to keep the queue resolved if possible. If you want to throw up a question in “beyond the manual” about perfecting the workflow, I’m sure one of the resident F360 gurus can help. One of their employees, at least one, is on the forums as well (as a customer).


That’s why I suggested ungrouping. There’s an ungroup all objects that will break up embedded groups within groups.

Then just click on a line. That will select the line but if it’s sitting on top of a duplicate it won’t select that one. When you pull it away it will leave the other one behind.

Lassooing (dragging a bounding box to select many things) will just select both the top & bottom objects and you’ll just end up dragging them both together and not knowing there was a duplicate. Clicking on a line picks just that line (or group which is why you do the ungroup/ungroup all first.


I’m glad you got it figured out! I’m going to close this thread.

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