SVG Engrave not filling

I have letters that clearly look like they are solid filled in GF but when the machine starts it is only doing outlines. Why is this? I used Silouette studio to create the text SVG. I filled the objects (letters) in the software a solid black. I am unsure why it would lie and show a solid color in GF only for it to only do the outlines.

I can only assume it has to do with having to use the “trace” feature in SS but I still dont get why GF would show a solid object which is super confusing just for it to waste product since it is not engraved but outlined

It will be hard for anyone to help without actually seeing the file.

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You may have accidentally layered the same letters on top. If there are two layers overlapping, that overlap gets cancelled out in the engrave. This could lead to engraving only the edges of the letters.


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