SVG File will not upload

Good morning. I am new to my Glowforge and its been going great. I just purchased some SVG files from Etsy to make gift baskets. I purchased about 4 different options. One of them I uploaded and there are so many parts that they all don’t fit. I tried deleting the ones I don’t need to just use one set at a time (hope that makes sense) but it would not then let me move the pieces. I decided to try another basket to see if it was any better but the other baskets wont even upload onto the Glowforge. I think maybe because they are so large because all the pieces are on one file. Just a guess. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Some purchased files are more Glowforge friendly than others, but all should work. For the one that you want to delete parts, you can ungroup by selecting elements of the file, right clicking and select ungroup. The files do not have to be made for only one piece of Glowforge material - meaning files can be much larger than what will fit on the bed at one time. Try dragging the file that won’t open onto the interface rather than uploading.


And, if you upload a file with pieces that don’t fit, just drag them off and use another board to cut the ones that don’t fit.


Thank you. I will try this!!!

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