SVG files don't fit together when printed

I’ve had my glowforge for about 2 months so I’m still learning lots and testing out designs. I’ve purchased several SVG files for boxes from Etsy or Design Bundles and after I print them, they don’t fit together. Specifically, the openings for the pieces to fit together are too small. I’ve purchased several different designs thinking it was a bad file but now I’m thinking it’s something I’m doing because it keeps happening. Any suggestions? Thanks so much, Kathy

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Getting boxes and other tabs and slots to fit can be a challenge, and it is so disappointing to print everything and end up with nothing. Ask me how I know.

It is important that you note what size material the designer says the files are for and that your material matches that thickness. If things are just a little tight, you can sand the tabs a bit or sand the openings to make them larger. Sometimes a rubber mallet is necessary. Since your purchased the files, you can’t share them here so someone can look at them, unfortunately.

Have you successfully made any of the boxes? Sometimes I print just one slotted piece and one tabbed piece to see if the fit is too loose, too tight, or just right. Most of the things I have made are for medium proofgrade sized material - 1/8". Have you tried any of the boxes in the Free Laser Design section of the forum? Many are great designs and are made by Glowforge users for other Glowforge users. One of my favorites is the simple hexagon box. Plain Hexagon Box


Thanks for the information. I’m careful about wood thickness and have only been using proof grade materials. I’ll try sanding and see if that works. I hadn’t thought out doing a test print of 2 pieces and will definitely start doing it. And, I didn’t know about the free section so I will try that too. Thanks so much for all of the tips-super helpful! Kathy

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I keep a set of needle files for when the tabs are a bit big.

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thanks for the tip - I just ordered a set online:)

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I grab one or more of my wife’s emery boards. I like those because I can cut them to size.