.svg files?


New to GF and i bought a couple .svg files…The email sent to me provided a link to retrieve the files but it only takes me to the dashboard but cant seem to find the “design library” so I can download the files…Any help on where to locate this will be appreciated…

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The Dashboard is the design library.

From whom did you buy the files?

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I got it from Glowforge…It takes me to the main screen where it ask me 3 question but none of these apply to why IM on the site…Ive clicked on the 5 links at the top of the page but I dont see anything about a library…

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You can’t download .svg files from Glowforge. They are only able to be printed, and you access them for printing from the dashboard (as it’s called in the links above), also known as the design library.

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That stinks…I did see how to access the file but now its stating it needs to render my design…It has timed out three times and cant get it to open…Ill have to contact GF about this…

The Glowforge app was experiencing some down time this afternoon. It’s possible that you might have been trying to load the design during that time.

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